Hypervisor Classifications

Hypervisor Classifications Hypervisors, in general, are historically classified in two types: Type 1 hypervisor (Bare-Metal Architecture) – This is a hypervisor that runs directly on a given hardware platform. A Guest OS then runs at the second level above the hardware.  This model represents the classic implementation of virtual machine architectures. The original hypervisors, SIMMON […]

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

  via Call apple what you will, but one thing is certain Steve Jobs was a visionary in many different areas of media and entertainment. is ingenuity and vision brought forward the world of smart phones as we know it today and brought forward Pixar one of today's most prominent Animation and entertainment companies […]

Windows Phone Mango release candidate shipped to developers

Windows Phone Mango release candidate shipped to developers By Peter Bright Windows Phone Mango was released to manufacturing Tuesday, with handset manufacturers and mobile network operators receiving the finalized operating system code so that they can wrap up their own development and testing efforts. On Wednesday, developers for the platform were given access to a […]