Snappy on the Prowl at SoftLayer Dallas

With over 6,000 servers in the SoftLayer DataCenter (Formely "The Planet") its no surprise to find 'Snappy', HostGator's Mascot on the prowl. At 4ft tall and 100lbs  he certainly gives some of SoftLayers favorite NOCs a run for their money when a system goes down. HostGator employs over 800 employees and handles on average over 500,000 incident reports on their systems per month. With a growing number of servers HostGator is continuing to seek new Hires with Linux and Web Hosting experience. Keep in mind that System Administrators work in a command line. Most systems operate on a CentOS platform and do require some TLC. The primary user interface across most systems is cPanel, be prepared to work with this system as well as understand the operations its performs behind the scenes. Administrators work with a wide array of systems including but not limited to DNS, Exmin, Apache, Mysql, Joomla!, WordPress and more.

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